DK big book series - pat, zug, tog - $60 (Sacramento)

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DK big book series

Large oversized books with giant letters and illustrations. Vintage hard to find, set of 3 for $60

Pat the cat’s Big book
Zug the bug’s big book
Tog the dog’s big book

Beautifully illustrated and laid out for learning phonetics for very young children kids

“Ideal for whole class shared reading with beginners humorous rhyming stories supported by bold and appealing illustrations”

Tog the Dog's Big Book (Big Books, Rhyme-and-read Books) - Hardcover

Each of this series of five large-format, fun rhyming books focuses on a different vowel sound. The "flip-the-pages" help children to learn how to build new words easily. The Big Books are ideal for sharing with a whole class of beginning readers and building words with consonant-vowel- consonant patterns. The "Hawkins Rhyme and Read" books are recommended support material for the National Literacy Strategy.

Flip the page format with each page presenting an additional consonant-vowel-consonant pattern

Not shown but available:
DK Series, Dictionary and Encyclopedia, 1999 editions, like new collectibles, 2 books for $20

These editions are rare and hard to find and have a more colorful and aesthetic design cover than other DKs. This beautiful book is very well laid out on the cover, inside and out and will engage your child to open up and use the book, they look new on inside, very large oversized books, a great value. Note: this edition does not appear to be available online and is collectible. If comparing prices, take a close look at the cover design.
DK First Dictionary, $15
Bringing the amazing world of words to children ages five and older. With over 700 illustrations designed to attract young children and 4,000 age-appropriate vocabulary words, the DK First Dictionary sets a new standard in linguistic reference for children six and up. Many entries include opposites, similar words, and word origins, alongside phonetic spellings and easy-to-follow definitions. Word Detective" games and "Word Banks" help children expand their vocabulary while having fun." (has small minor imperfection on back cover, otherwise in like new condition)
DK First Enclycopedia, $15
Packed with clear, well-researched information and quizzes for curious minds. Lively photographic design makes it especially appealing for children ages 6 and up. Bite-sized key points, fact buttons, and quiz questions bring information to life. Exciting project ideas and games boost learning and capture children's imagination. Also supports school curriculum. New.
DK Kid's First Science Book with life-size photographs and fun simple experiments, has damage to right hand corner, not too noticeable, otherwise very clean and like new pages, $20
Young People's Dictionary, $10

My First Dictionary, vintage style, collectible, $10

Alphabet Band, My first Interactive Storybook, hardback + interactive CD-ROM, 100s of hours of learning fun, CD-ROM has 10 interactive story screens, 5 sing and learn songs, 5 problem-solving games, $15

Not shown but also have several kids children's youth workbooks for improving math spelling and language skills etc. Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 4th grade 6th grade

Early-learning books that teach basic skills with bright full-color photographs, Look and Learn books help preschoolers learn how to match, sort, count and differentiate between similar items, both books for $20
Sorting, Look Learn Series, hardback
Matching, Look Learn Series, hardback

for other items to keep your kids engaged, go to Sacramento craigslist use code "ctc books" or "ctc toys"

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