Make $35 to $65+ an Hour selling at Farmers Markets..PAID SAME DAY

compensation: Make $35 to $65+ an hour depending on sales
Trying to get a qualified candidate trained this thursday, friday or saturday
Please read the whole listing and don't send email. Use the link. Low effort responses on questioner will be ignored.

Why is the pay at a range? Well it's that way because as an Independent contractor you can make 20% of what you sell. We give you the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell by giving multiple item discounts. So technically it's not paid per hour. The more effort you put in the more you make. This is a skilled sales position. The market average is over $1000 market wide. However our Saturday Sacramento markets averaged $1350 "$270 commission paid" last week. That was done with exceptional sales people that put in 125% effort during the short period of a farmer market.

I really need motivated salespeople. The more you sell, the more you make! This is not a job for just relaxing at the farmers market. It is exciting because you can control your success, We need someone who enjoys cross-selling and up-selling and puts effort into the five hours they are there. We do 50+ markets a week and are always expanding. So I want to see everyone making good money on their weekend shift.

Now do you have work every weekend? No you do not, we have a scheduling app and many talented people who fill in!"subs" As long as you put two weeks notice on the app that's fine! Can you work every weekend...sure! I know you got weddings, drinking, kids, and whatever else you want to do. Now if you don't have your own car....do not respond! Bart doesn't run that early on the weekends. Also since you are only responding if you have a car you are flexible to travel up to 30 mins to work at a market. Now some markets have more foot traffic than others. So if you are doing great at a market and selling more than the average amount you can have an opportunity to try another one because you are valuable!

Lets do a phone interview and answer any questions and if that goes good, I will send you the link for online training. When you complete online training that takes maybe an hour if you pay attention. Then I will give you a paid training day. Then I pair you up with one of our great salespeople to show you the ropes, procedures, etc. When the person that trains you, calls me and gives me a report, if we agree that you are a good fit, then the next time you work you make 20% of sales.

A lot of people come and go when you do 50+ markets a week. Some are young and they go to school, some get replaced, some are already working 40 hours a week and it's too much. However there are many, many people that have been here for 10 years, 5 Years, 3 Years. They have been putting in effort from day one, some stayed at the same market and grew it every year and watched all the kids grow up and made connections with the customers and most importantly they are making great money. Some started off at a smaller market and I could tell they would do better at a different one so I asked them if they want to switch markets and they did and it was good for everyone.

Now here is the original add. I felt I had to add the stuff up top because I wanted to express the importance of what makes this a very lucrative side hustle and we are flexible with advanced notice for days off!!
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Our family has been making artisan cheeses at our ranch in Petaluma, Sonoma County California for over 3 generations. We sell our cheese, eggs, butter and grass fed meats exclusively at Farmers Markets direct to consumers throughout California. We are looking for a few people to step into the role of store keeper at a couple of Farmers Markets in the Bay Area. You pay yourself at the end of the market the same day - we deliver the product and all you need to thrive at your market.

People with sales experience and who are proactive are making $200+ a day. Some are also making $300+, a day. This is mostly a weekend morning job and most markets are only four hours long.

Must have reliable transportation! At most markets we sell vacuum packed beef, pork and lamb so you must be comfortable selling meat.

We have markets in the east bay, south bay, north bay and San Francisco and are always looking for reliable people and people to SUB markets when the primary sales associate takes the day off.

If you are interested click the link below to get started this weekend. No experience necessary but people with good sales skills make $50+ an hour. Our best salespeople are making $75 an hour because of their past sales experience or they are fast learners in the art of selling quality products people love!..Don't expect to be making the big big bucks right away, usually medium buck are made first. It's a 10-99 Position.

DO NOT EMAIL...CLICK LINK: https://form.jotform.com/231075283199158

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