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license info: Text cash to 317-649-0110 for a application link or apply on line at https://www.metromediafunding.com/

3 products- Business credit loans,business cash advances and merchant cash advances:


YOU MUST BE A CURRENT BUSINESS OWNER THAT MAKES AT LEAST 3 DEPOSITS A MONTH INTO A BUSINESS CHECKING ACCOUNT!! I DO NOT HAVE ANY PROGRAMS FOR STARTUPS OR DREAM PURCHASES!! We are 5 star rated and can fund up to $1,000,000.00 per occurrence! Underwriting is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week so you can be approved on the weekends or even holidays!


If you meet that criteria then call me NOW!!

It is a very simple process here is how you pre-qualify:

* You MUST have a Business checking account.
* You MUST be 90 days in business (MINIMUM).
*You MUST deposit at least $6,000 per month in gross deposits in your business account.
* Credit score MUST be over a 435.

This is also revenue driven and you have to understand that regardless of what everyone is telling you they are based on deposit volume and frequency so you tend to get more when you deposit more and more often. Reality check has to set in when you are doing 10,000.00 a month you are not getting 90,000,000.00 companies advance 1 to 3 times the amount of your monthly deposits and less if you already have a open advance.
This makes sense when you have a OPPORTUNITY and you cannot wait or go though the crap a bank or loan institution will put you though for a loan.

I can make these work in any industry so long as you know and accept the following:
Payments will run weekly, sometimes daily but never monthly. This is unsecured private funding. This does not work to buy real estate, or buy businesses.

We can advance anywhere from $2,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 per advance. Terms can go from 30 days to 3 years

If you answered yes to those 4 simple questions above, then you are pre-qualified for a BUSINESS FUNDING ADVANCE

What is different here is we can keep deploying additional cash as you pay down your balance, offer re-finance options to show good pay history and we use these to show pay history for clients that cannot approve for a Metromedia loan, so that they eventually can get approved for a loan and save money on interest when they do.

Now for the Business loan / Credit line- UNSECURED

Must be in business at least 18 months
Must have a credit score of 575 or better
Must be depositing at least 20,000.00 a month into a business checking account.
Must not have more than 2 overdrafts in 6 months

Provided you meet the requirements for this product I also have a 98% approval ratio. These can fund same day and rates are very competitive compared to advances.

Rates can go from 8% on up depending if it is secured or unsecured (unsecured is always more expensive)
Funded amounts can go from $5,000.00 to $3,000,000.00 per loan. Payments are usually weekly or bi-weekly here. Terms can go from 4 months to 5 years on these. We always offer a early payoff discount on interest and, like every Metromedia Funding program there is NEVER a upfront cost or additional fees.

Now let's discuss what a merchant cash advance is here at Metromedia Funding

Merchant cash advance-
to qualify:
-Must be processing more than $3,000.00 a month in credit cards
-Must be in business for at least 2 months
- Might have to switch to one of our 3 approved processors ( we get the rates cheaper than you can anyways)
- Must run cards at 2 times a week.
- Must not have any advance against credit cards whatsoever- you can have 8 daily ACH payments but we are 1st position only on credit card processing merchant cash advances.
Credit- no minimum
Accounts overdrawn- non issue, you can be in the red everyday we still fund.
Can fund these in 25 minutes if we have all the right paperwork and processor!

We want you to be educated about funding your business. We have equipment financing, purchase order funding, and more available on line. If you got turned down by a bank or another funding company WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU!

About business loans and business funding:

There is a difference between business loans and business funding
Business funding is NOT a loan but you are selling a percentage of your future deposits for cash now, these are unsecured, and usually more expensive to a loan.

Advantages- not credit based, cash in a few hours use for whatever you need.

I am DIRECT- this is NOT a 3rd party program.

Here is another thing you should think about, any broker or 3rd party company who ADDS A FEE is doing nothing but STEALING from you, every funding company out there pays them commissions for brokering the deal( including myself) so when you see your BROKER or 3rd party add a fee they are being greedy and you should take the deal to someone who won't do that to you. You should also remember, every funder has fees for underwriting/ ACH platform/reporting reasons.

Here is some advantages to using me:
WE have a 5 star rating- Google it, my company is called Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC. I also have over 1300 fans on Facebook that follow me and you are welcome to do so as well!

I have been doing this for years, funded a bunch of businesses and if I don't fund you I know who will.
My network is bigger than most of these companies because I know the funders and I syndicate on my own deals- what that means I put my own money in funding deals so you usually get better rates and longer terms because of that. If I don't fund you myself, I have a network of friends who invest, and they look at what I have going on over these other people advertising on here. It is better to deal with someone who has money when looking for money rather than dealing with some 3rd party broker because they don't have a dime of their own in any deal. Look at it from this prospective, if you were me, funding some company would you take the advice of some random 3rd party broker or would you take the advice of someone who also funds deals, has a masters degree in mathematical sciences and understands the flow of money? Nothing against them they are nice people, I am sure, but this is YOUR business and YOUR future on the line here. You don't take the family car to the local fast food joint for a tune up. This is NO different

A little about me, I own a few businesses, I have been very blessed. I am a regular guy, I just put my business profits to work by buying receivables from other businesses and some investing. That is how I got into all of this in the first place. I am down to earth, drive a pick- up truck and raise my children, go to church on Sunday and take care of those around me.

Our application is on line so no printing and scanning, you can get a link sent straight to your phone by texting cash to 317-649-0110

You can even just go to the website and apply right on line at www.metromediafunding.com

Or just call me 317-649-0110 Rick

Let's fund you today. I am here to make it quick, easy, painless and drama free.

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