1947 Salsbury motor scooter - $7,500

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condition: good
motor: gas
odometer: 1
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
Salsbury Model 85 motor scooter.
This scooter was used by the flight line inspector at a US military base in Okinawa in late 1940’s - early /mid 1950’s

At some point it was purchased and repatriated to Calif in the 1960’s. My dad struck a deal with the previous owner when I recognized it in a HS friends back yard in 1975. It then became destined to become spare parts for my dad’s Salsbury.

Both scooters then sat until 2003 when I pressed dad to let me begin a complete restoration of  this “parts scooter” and his scooter with his blessing. The rear body was in poor condition after many years of neglect on both scooters .

A decision was made to reproduce Model 85 scooter parts for ourselves and others. Salsbury Restoration Services was born out of this need. We also manufactured the  bucks to build new bodies and fuel tanks, floor boards and floor board braces in steel. We also produce new correct cloth wiring harnesses, engine tins, exhaust heat shields (both first and second designs), oil
Pressure gauge conversions, starter gears, final drive gears, suspension springs, later factory designed rear suspension and fender updates, floorboards, center floor braces, custom straight pipe /baffled exhaust systems, seats and upholstery.   The products are handmade and match the originals in nearly every detail. All SRS bodies will directly interchange and work with original parts. All spot welding replicates the size and spacing of the original manufacturing. We do not use fillers in our restorations you see every spot weld mark as original.  Our scooters bodies are not over restored and smoothed over with lead, Bondo or any other fillers.  What you see is exactly what you get.  This scooter was used for the 2nd prototype bodywork.

Salsbury Restoration Services also provides full and partial mechanical and body restorations. And can supply the aforementioned parts. Note: Parts are only produced in limited runs. Extended wait times may occur. Payments must be made prior to production.

This scooter was first shown fully restored along with prototype #1 in the raw mounted on dad’s scooter at the 2005 VMBCA meet in Portland IN in the roundhouse reserved for the former Salsbury Restorers Society. Dad and I were both early club members.  After the show dad and I rode our scooters whenever we found time and while participating in several long distance rides through the Sacramento Delta region with the Cushman Club.  

This scooter has a SRS body and an original fuel tank in steel that has been sealed to prevent corrosion. SRS floors and floor bracing This body would become Prototype #2. The scooter has 100% of its original running gear all rebuilt  at the time of restoration. It is equipped with the following rare options not normally present. An original rear bumper, factory original and unrestored speedometer retaining its original mileage settings, seat back grab rail, and front brake options ( the latter three options are currently not installed). The transmission drive and driven pulleys were rebushed and new clutch lining installed. Sealed jackshaft bearings installed. Lighting coil was re-wrapped.  The original taillight base was modified to accept a dual circuit bulb. Cushman brake light switch was adapted and a LED bulb installed for better visibility. The engine was completely overhauled and the crankshaft and connecting rod modified to use Cushman insert rod bearings. A mechanical oil pressure gauge was added to monitor the engine. The magneto was reworked by Joe Hunt Magnetos in Rancho Cordova. The oil pump was updated with NOS parts. The telescopic front fork was disassembled, cleaned and NOS bearings installed that are unique to this scooter. All body and chassis parts were media blasted, epoxy primed and a single stage urethane applied.  Restoration was completed in 2004. The scooter was shown at many west coast Salsbury club events while the club was active and was photographed in the forefront of the Northrop N9-M Flying Wing at the Hawthorne airport during a warbird fly in.

This Salsbury is currently showing xxxxx original miles, xxxx miles since its restoration. Paint shows very well but there are areas that have the typical flaws of normal wear and body removals for its routine maintenance intervals. The body decalcomanias were not clear coated into the paint and the right front nose decal is flaking. The scooter was last run and driven to a Hot August Nights cruise in Sacramento in 2020.

This scooter will require the engine crankshaft keyway repaired. This is a simple machining operation to have the damaged keyway welded up, the taper restored and a new keyway broached. A light recommissioning before road use ie, oil change and fuel system cleaning is also in order as this scooter has been in long term storage. . If I take the time to do this then the price increases and/or I’ll likely keep this scooter.

Carefully look over the pictures (coming soon) and ask any questions and I will answer to the best of my recollection.  As this is a 76 year old vintage motor scooter there are no warranties expressed or implied. Sold where is and as is.  It is the buyers responsibility to inspect this scooter in person or through his agent prior to purchase at my premises. NO REFUNDS.  It is the buyers responsibility to secure transportation,  and all costs associated with that transportation. Seller will help load the vehicle at time of pickup. Storage fees will incur after 30 days at the rate of $10 per day. This should provide ample time to secure transportation. Payment in full by cash, certified bank note or PayPal to be received and clear my bank acct before title and scooter are released to buyer.  Title is free and clear with a CA PNO on file at DMV 

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