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marca/fabricante: YAMAHA Q3021B 31-BAND
modelo/número: GRAPHIC EQUALIZER

Super-low noise floor, high-fidelity Dual-Channel, stereo 31-band graphic EQ from Yamaha. The Yamaha Q2031B is an outstanding choice that delivers professional quality with versatile control and outstanding audio performance. Ideal for live sound, recording, A/V production, podcasting, electronic musical instruments, music listening, or any other application that requires precise response tailoring.

Features two independent channels of graphic EQ with full 31-band control over the 20Hz to 20kHz range. Offers 31 equalization bands at 1/3 octave intervals from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It incorporates specially designed active filters that provide minimum phase shift and smooth response at any boost or cut setting.

Selectable ±6 dB or ±12 dB EQ ranges offer extra control versatility. The ±12 dB range offers wide-range control that can be useful for broad tonal variation or feedback control, while the ±6 dB range provides fine control over a narrower range for acoustic tuning and subtle response shaping. Features independent 2-channel control from input to output, with separate 31 band equalization and variable high pass filters for each channel.

The Q2031B features exceptionally quiet operation with less than 0.05% total harmonic distortion. Noise levels are maintained below -96 dB, with a smooth, natural sound that is compatible with digital sources.

High pass filters are useful in minimizing low-end boominess, AC hum, wind noise, generally preventing subsonic components from muddying the sound as well as wasting amplifier power. The Q2031B incorporates continuously variable high pass filters on both channels, providing 12dB/octave roll-off below any frequency from 20 Hz to 200 Hz. Balanced +4 dB 1/4" phone jacks and balanced XLR jacks are provided for both input and output. This provides direct connectivity with a wide range of professional audio equipment.

Independent peak indicators for each channel light when the output signal reaches 3 dB below clipping. An automatic muting circuit mutes the equalizer's output for approximately 3 seconds after the power is switched on, to prevent transients from damaging amplifiers and speaker systems. EQ ON/OFF switches provide one-touch EQ bypass and instant comparison between the equalized and unequalized sound.

The Yamaha Q2031B Graphic EQ can effectively minimize acoustical environmental irregularities/deficiencies, tape hiss, stage rumble, wind noise, microphone popping, excessive sibilance, and other sources of unwanted noise. Unit is missing one band knob on one side. Band can still be adjusted with small blade screwdriver/metal pin. Just set it and forget it. Rest of EQ is in great shape and 100% functional. Asking $80.00 cash. Online prices for a unit in this condition/low hours are $100.00 and up.
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