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This is a new straight soprano sax. It is black lacquer with shiny gold keys with full body gold engraving - even the necks. It is a Ammoon, with ribbed construction. It also has been professionally set up, all keys and actions checked and adjusted to play down to a full Bb. Has 2 necks, strap, reeds, mouthpiece with ligature, cap, cloth, swab and case. Complete setup.
Would be a wonderful Christmas present for the musician....
To check out - or I can demonstrate so there is no question as to the playability:
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I am a retired engineer, do sax repairs, adjustments, set-ups etc., also work for a music store with their sax / clarinet repairs. You may find a cheaper sax, but it should have expert evaluation and/or adjustments to make sure it plays properly. Leaks or out of adjustment keys usually make it difficult to play middle and lower notes.
A new player can have problems playing a sax and get discouraged and quit, but it is due to the sax. I find new, or as new saxophones then adjust, regulate and set-up to make sure they play perfectly. There is no question as to how the sax plays - it can be tested, or I can demonstrate it's capabilities.
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