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Hello, I'm a talented drummer looking for a second project (hence the whole "semi-serious" thing). If you're looking to gig soon, I'm not the guy for you, but if you're looking for someone to write, record, or just jam with regularly, I could be your guy. Possibly even as a fill in drummer.

49 y/o with energetic and modern playing style. I'm looking for some talented people who have a reliable and safe practice space. My primary project keeps me busy, but not busy enough... I'd like to play more, at least once or twice a week or per month even.
I'm a talented, reliable drummer with a great high-end kit. I'm also plug and play ready for recording if needed.
Groove oriented Rock drummer with R&B tendencies. Doing Hard Rock now, but looking to lighten it up a little if possible. I'm interested in things like Rock, Country, R&B, Blues, Alt, Indie, etc etc (all modern and no covers or Metal please).

Putting my feelers out and hoping there might be some like minded peeps out there looking for something similar.
Thanks much, and let me know if any of this sounds interesting.
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