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Hi, I'm Tyson Graf. I graduated from the Berklee College of Music in 2003, and I've been teaching music for 15 years. I've studied with some of the worlds best guitarists, gigged professionally for 20 years, released 3 albums of original compositions, and I play and teach a wide variety of styles ranging from jazz, rock, funk, metal to blues. I love teaching guitar and would like to help you learn more about music and the guitar. I teach all levels ranging from the very beginner to the very advanced, and ages 10 and up.

I cater the lessons to each individuals needs and desires, and help you learn how to make practicing and learning the guitar fun.

$120 for 4 half hour lessons
$180 for 4 one hour lessons

Here's a video lesson on sweep picking:

Here's a video lesson on walking bass with chords:

And here's me performing with my trio, including the world famous Mike Johnston on drums:
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