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Hi everyone on CL my name is Kelly and I do In-home grooming! It's a different style of grooming! These days people are worried about taking their furbabies to grooming facilities whether it may be due to concerns of the facility, health reasons, or immunizations for their pets. It's all about the furbaby and his or her comfort! Furbabies our just like children and can be anxious or scared or just themselves to where it is difficult to take them to a grooming shop! Or maybe you don't have transportation?! I used to work for Petco and DID NOT approve of the sedation use on animals without consent from owners, I left that facility because of that reason alone!
I have found that many of my clients have elderly furbabies and cannot receive their immunizations due to health concerns so I do not require shot records whatsoever!
I offer In-home grooming for dogs as well as kitty's too! If you are interested or have any questions whatsoever please feel free to contact me anytime! I love working with furbabies so much, it makes me happy just to know I make everyone happy after I leave both Humans as well as furbabies! I have many references if you require any feel free to ask and I will provide anything upon request! Thank you and have a wonderful day.
ALSO SO YOU KNOW, I DO SERVICE A WIDE AREA ?from the foothills to the bay area) FOR THE FURBABIES
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