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Gavin and Nancy heed this warning (California and the world)

Although I have posted in San Francisco a very similar posting as to what is going to follow something occurred that is beyond the physical. As soon as I finished this posting the screen said the posting has been flagged! Before it was even published! Do you think that which is mostly invisible and has instructed us to call it God had anything to do with this? I was agnostic until I performed human dissection on a cadaver and opened up the body. looking in I lost my breath and my agnosticism in less than 1 second as I looked away and said to myself "oh spit there is a God!" So many Terrible Things occur in this World while the physicists and astronomers say the rest of the planets appear as though they have been destroyed by violence. It is a violent universe. Telescopes revealed Venus the planet of love was the most horribly destroyed. Now we have Gavin who is a team with his aunt Nancy totally ignoring that fighting fires with water is antiquated! Why? Three separate times in the last 10 months you have been notified of this remarkable and necessary advancement in preventing the destruction of the Earth . the intensity of the fire will evaporate no less than 75% of the water that also contains carcinogenic coloring that will poison the land and the runoff into the streams Rivers reservoirs Etc. During the Chernobyl fires in Russia water was proven to be ineffective. Sand was miraculous as it is 0% ineffective and 100% effective! But Gavin has political deals that at this time in his spiritual level of understanding is more important than saving lives from an ultra horrible death and the Beautiful land of California with its world-class climate. If Gavin and Nancy could hear both Jerry Brown's father and Donald's Father Fred Trump try to speak to you about what they are experiencing now and into Eternity your hairs would stand on edge! You would immediately reverse engines and the political deals relating to the one lone big jumbo jet that cost taxpayers almost a third of a million dollars every time it takes off with inferior water is damnation to you and your aunt that is preventable. After hearing what those two former big shots would try to say to you both of you would agree it is better to Damn the political connections and deals that will damn both of you beyond imagination. Nancy would say to her nephew "damn the political deals we're going to switch to sand it's better than us being Damned into eternity." I had to include the two horrible photos to wake you up from your priggishness.
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