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Gavin and Nancy's privileged life... (California and the world)

May not continue as previously if you do not protect the people and land of California as you swore an oath to do so! politicians are famous for not keeping their words. So why should you change switching from Antiquated water to sand to effectively fight fires and save people from burning to death! Here's why: I have investigated the history of that which has instructed us to call it God and it has a history full of betrayals.This is based upon actual events and people who were present at the time recording the events. Example: a little more than a week after the Hebrew slaves with Moses were freed from absurd sunrise to sunset slavery with whips and starvation of 400 years the Egyptian Army Tracked Down the two-thirds of the million Hebrew slaves and began slaughtering them until more than half were murdered by trampling,Spears, bows and arrows, swords, daggers and truncheons! The implications of this is total Doom. Only after more than one-third of a million former Hebrew slaves were murdered did God intervene and crush the Egyptian Army. Moses was reported to have cried wept and sobbed so much he was blinded!
You and Nancy need to withdraw the poignant aspect of this horrific event and apply it to your fully paid for political lives of opulence. Something similar happened in the Mormon Wars. Insane bloody murder with hundreds of thousands dead in less than one day. The Mormon Wars War fought by people who were related to each other!
The projectiles used on Mount Calvary to crucify us were not sharp terminated; instead they were shaped like ping pong balls in order to initiate every hell with one hell being piled on top of the other with each moment feeling like it lasts all eternity!
Very few know that circumcision removes 80% of the sensory nerves that used to be attached to the foreskin of the penis. Circumcision came through Moses not from Moses! This act diminishes the love potential for healing into the soul between the man and the woman. IT has a history of turning the tables against those who had it very good and thought it would continue forever. Are you and Nancy not in this category? As I said before in another posting Jerry Brown's father and Donald's Father Fred Trump, if they were allowed to speak with you now and relate what they are experiencing and what they have been shown as their future your hair would stand on edge and Nancy's hair would fall out from her scalp. You can reverse engines and replace Antiquated water with sand thereby saving California and thousands of lives. Even though you are part of the New World Order and need to follow their plan you still have latitude to make changes such as sand instead of water.
But I know that God wants to punish Sinners and it doesn't want you to reverse previous political sins. I don't think you have the soul strength and experience to save California and its people from burning to death. Prove me wrong.
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