Nissan bumper - $40 (Loomis)

2017-19 Rogue rear. Blue paint have scratches. One side tab is damaged-$40
2017-19 Rogue Sport rear bumper. White. W/O sensor holes.-$60
2014-16 Rogue rear bumper. Olive color, For S/SL/SV. Without sensor holes-$50
2017-19 Rogue front bumper. White. Without sensor holes. Have paint scratch.-$80
2017-20 Rogue sport rear bumper reinforcement-$40
2015-19 Rogue front bumper reinforcement.( US built)-$30
2016-18 Rogue rear bumper reinforcement.(US built)-$30
2015-19 Rogue front bumper reinforcement(Korea)-$30
2015-19 Rogue rear bumper reinforcement (Korea/Japan built)-$30
2008-15 Rogue rear bumper reinforcement-$30
2014-19 Rogue (US built) front bumper reinforcement left bracket-$10
2015-18 Murano rear bumper valance with chrome trim. P/N 850B2-5AA0H-$50
2009-14 Murano front bumper reinforcement-$40
2015-18 Murano rear bumper reinforcement
2015-18 Murano rear bumper reinforcement right or left bracket.-$10 each
2013-16 Pathfinder front bumper valance. P/N 96015-3KA0A-$30
2017-19 Pathfinder front bumper valance. P/N 96015-9PF0A-$40
2016-19 Pathfinder front bumper reinforcement-$40
2013-19 Pathfinder rear bumper reinforcement-$50
2013-19 Pathfinder rear bumper reinforcement left or right bracket.$10 each
2009-19 Frontier front bumper upper plastic.Red.Two tabs damaged.P/N 62025-ZL00B-$20
2002-08 Maxima rear bumper plastic reinforcement-$20
2010-18 Maxima rear bumper reinforcement-$20
2016-18 Maxima front bumper reinforcement-$50
2008-14 Maxima front bumper reinforcement.-$20
2008-15 Armada rear bumper absorber.P/N 85090-ZW000-$20
2013-19 Versa front bumper reinforcement-$30
2007-12 Versa rear bumper reinforcement-$20
2019-20 Altima front bumper. Red,without sensor holes.-$100
2013-15 Altima front bumper-$40
2013-15 Altima front bumper reinforcement-$40
2013-16 Altima rear bumper steel reinforcement-$20
2008-13 Altima rear bumper absorber.P/N 95090-JB100-$20
2008-13 Altima rear bumper reinforcement-$20
2014-18 Altima rear bumper absorber-$20
2003-09 350Z rear bumper absorber.P/N 85090-CD000-$20
2017-19 Titan front bumper upper plastic. Gray color. One upper tab is damaged-$40
2017-19 Titan front bumper upper part metal support (see the pic)-$40
2013-19 NV 200 front bumper reinforcement-$60
2015-19 Sentra rear bumper.Black ,white , blue.-$40
2015-19 Sentra rear bumper. OEM new.-$60
2007-12 Sentra front bumper reinforcement-$30
2013-17 Sentra rear bumper reinforcement-$20
2013-15 Sentra front bumper reinforcement left bracket-$20
2009-14 Cube rear bumper reinforcement- $30
2005-09 Xterra front bumper reinforcement.-$30
2018-20 Leaf rear bumper reinforcement-$40
2011-15 Odyssey front bumper. Gray paint, CAPA. without sensor holes-$60
2005-17 Frontier front chrome bumper-$80

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