Client Looking For Top of Line Coach for Personal Training (Elk Grove)

I'm a serious coach/trainer who willing to pick me up as client. I been "burned" by 2 of othem already who skipped town with my cash. I had alot of coaches who give good coaches a bad name, this is why some of them, but no all cant be trusted. I have "high" standards and expectation as a requirement and below you will seem why. So, please don't reply to this ad if you don't meet the requirement. I would appreciate it and don't respond with a sympathy email either, be respectful, I would appreciate it. This ad is for serious only coaches/personal trainer only with no BS. I would prefer to have a coach/personal trainer to train at a good facility or a facility at my request in Rancho Cordova that has all the equipment and its 24 hours as well with key access. This gym is very well establish with all the old skool and new skool with up to date aparatus equipment.

I been working out for 17 years now and eat healthy. ** I pay top $$$ for a coach ** (today's market value, but you better be good as you say you are)

Recent Issues: I had a coach that always taking time off (and thats ok) but there are time when coaches who take time off after paying them and a week later expect a month off. Thats doesnt fly with me as a client and here are my expectations below:

Must have some but no all personal training credital * Must live in Sacramento County (commuting does NOT do it for me) and you live in Stockton, or any other 5 miles (forget it) it doesnt fly with me and DONT LIE!!! There are too many excuses from coaches and here are some of them..

* We don't click and/or personality: Look this is NOT a personality contest whether we click or not and its not the reality show The Voice or American Idol (This is an and/or career or job) not a popularity contest
* I, Coaches say: I don't have any in schedule to fit you in...well you need to say that upfront before that client shows up to meet you (if you dont have anything then don't reply, don't be an idiot when you know that already and dont have any opening on your schedule) like POWER PACK FITNESS in Sacramento, Ca (This place is nothing but a rinky dink small hallway with no treadmill, eliptical, with no space. These guys are "flaky" of a personal trainers full of excuses. If I owned a company and they worked where Im at I would personally would not hire them, becaues of their lazy of excuses
* I rather for my coach to call and NO texting we didnt have cell phones 35 years ago, only pay phones and home phone. So, if your going to be late I expect my coach to personally call NOT texting. I had a situation twice when I showed up at the gym and checked my cell and he didn't showed up and over slept. I dont drive and texting while driving its illegal, calling on the cell with bluetooth in the car would of been best route.
* There are many excuses that clients DONT want to hear from coaches what I say do your damn job, you know what you signed up for its NOT curricular activity, its a job.
* These people coaches give other coaches a bad name and now you know why clients have a bad tasted in their mouth because of that.

If your intested in taking the challenge and want to train me as a client in the gym I would appreciate it, but don't reply with your "rhetoric and nonsense* I would appreciate it.

Send your reply to this ad and you MUST leave a number, I DON'T reply with no number

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