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You need help with any and all writing. You've hit your "one stop shop". Any new customers who sign up with me for any packages or services by April 1st - have me show you how to get FREE radio, TV, cable, online and even free print ads in the newspapers or magazines. I've even had free ads placed in magazines that have over 250,000 readers - absolutely free to me and to you if you sign with me before April 1st.

Press Kits - want to start getting free advertising using blogs, social media, press releases, get yourself booked onto a TV or radio show like the View, Good Morning America, or some reality show where you, your services, your product can get free advertising and marketing done? I can show you how to not only prepare your media kit, but how to use it and also how to start submissions to "outbrain", which about 90 % of media uses anymore when looking for "content" to give free exposure to.

Social Media - you need to set up Facebook, Twitter, a Youtube Channel, Instagram, and you need to have the photo elements and the written content also support your "branding". This also applies if you want to start using "influencer" marketing that most major companies use anymore to drive traffic to their website and social media, gain users, increase their online viability, even start getting enough numbers to get paid sponsors and advertisers on to your blogs, sites, channels, etc.

Don't know how to tie in your Google ad words with your Facebook ads, your online forums and groups, event listings, Meetup, and all the other ways you can be driving more clients and traffic to your doors? We can show you how to create this content that brings the people in, and then brings them back regularly looking for updates.

Do you need a newsletter to tie into your blog so you can cross-market print advertising with your social media and your marketing campaigns? This way your customers keep coming back month after month making another purchase, or they renew their membership, keep your sponsors happy - even sell advertising within your newsletter. Need local customers? Blanket your zip code with direct marketing that brings them right to their phones, computers, or your doorstep within 24 hours. Let us show you how using the power of words combined with the power of psychology.

How about "thank you" letters mailed to all your customers with coupons and invites to return within 30 days? Have you tried "cross-marketing"? For example, if you're a vet's office have you tried cross-marketing with a doggy daycare provider or walker in the area? People tend to throw away ads - but they read content they find relevant to their needs. Learn how you can tap into that with "business writing".

Whether you need copywriting for ads, or a script for a podcasts, creating a media kit or newsletter, direct mailing campaign, cross-marketing letters - whatever your business and/or marketing needs are - we know how to combine the power of words with the power of psychology to make people pick up that phone and call you.

Learn the difference between "branding" that drives your message home - such as the "Geico" that teaches you to think of Geico insurance every time you see a lizard, or a beer every time you see a terrior dog, or a cigarette every time you see a camel - learn how to apply that type of branding to your marketing needs using words and images along with psychological techniques proven to drive people to pick up the phone and call you ready to buy and/or sign. You don't have to spend a fortune to get yourself imprinted on the public's brain - think about how long ago "got milk" was born and you know what I mean.

The last ebay ad I wrote copy for sold out 3000 units in one day. All legal and not one return from an unsatisfied customer. Learn the value of your pricing also. For example, by changing the cost of a website package from $99 to $499 - we literally increased our sales in one day by 10 times because of the "perceived value" becoming higher for the same product. Are you building in "perceived value" along with your quality service and/or product?

Words are how we reach people through the printed word, the visual media, and even in face to face contact. Words are also how you convey to your customer the desire for your product/service, and that immediate need to get it NOW. Anyone can sell air conditioners in August - but it takes talent to sell them in December.

Let me bring you the power of Madison Avenue advertising and marketing to your small business now. Ask me about the 90 day guarantee I'll even provide you on any of my services you decide to try. Now, how many of your writers, copywriters, and marketing people are willing to stand behind their services with a guarantee? Call me with your biggest marketing need - and I'll not only put together a campaign for you - but I'll stand behind it.

Not sure about whether or not my Facebook or Google ads I place for you are going to mean sales for you? I'll provide the first run for you at absolutely no cost to me - only the cost of your ad placement with them. If you don't see the results you want from that run, no harm, no foul, no obligation and no cost. If you like the results, then you know you're buying services that WORK before you sign up for anything.

If you contract to a six month marketing contract with me before April 1, 2019, I'll throw in 25,000 free marketing emails of your ad, coupon, message or whatever else you want eyeballs to see on Constant Contact absolutely free of whatever you're marketing with my help.

If I could get you 3000 sales in 24 hours - isn't that worth a call to me today to find out more about what I can do for you?

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