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AI Speech Project; West US Natives Only;Play Online Charades for 6hrs (Online at Home on Laptop or Desktop Computer)

100 Shoreline Highway

compensation: $210 for six hours of work online as described

AI Speech Project

You will be teamed up with a partner to play an online version of charades. Western US States NATIVE Speakers Only (Includes Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Montana and points west--not including Hawaii). "Native" to us means you were born in the Western US or were here by the time you started school. And you should have lived at least half of your life in the Western US. Your parents should also have lived in the Western US while you were growing up.

The project is helps computer artificial intelligence better understand human speech and language. Specifically, different languages, dialects, and accents. Please read everything below. It is important. We don't want to waste your valuable time.

The Key Points to Note:
1) You MUST be pretty savvy with computers and applications. If you aren't, you will be miserable.
2) $210 for a total of Six Hours of Work. First 2 hours are at your convenience. The last 4 hours need to be scheduled to team with an opponent. You need to be flexible, but you get to choose the time you want to do the session. If you miss a session without letting us know in advance or having a legitimate and reasonable excuse, it will impact your pay. $50 per missed session. You not showing up means your assigned partner can’t get their part done either. If you can’t commit to this responsibility and these conditions, please save yourself the hassle and do not apply.
3) Work as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR online from home with Laptop or Desktop (no smartphones).
Any Taxes are your responsibility--we pay our end.
5) You will be paid with your choice of PayPal or bank wire transfer.
6) You must have a private internet connection and perform the work in a private location. You can't use free wi-fi such as a McDonald's or Starbucks.
7) You need to review and sign a Contract (*see more on this below) and confirm your ID. You will need to give us a copy/scan/photo of your driver's license (both sides), passport, or state ID.
* The following is really important. Read no further if you are uncomfortable with this. We do not want to waste your time.
*The contract is a 30-page document with a funky format (for lack of a better term) that has English with the Spanish translation with it. Between California and European law, there are a lot of worker protections we are required to tell you about in this contract which is why its so long. Both the US government and Sigma AI are serious about protecting your rights to privacy. YOU ARE PAID for one hour of your time to read and review the contract. It is part of the 6 hours. Another hour is spent with training on the applications you will use. The actual work, playing versions of charades against a partner, is for 4 total hours. 4 hours of your voice will be recorded for permanent use for this research project.

*Why do we need a contract signed and your ID/Drivers License or Passport? Two reasons. We need to confirm your identity in order to pay you. It also permits us to know with certainty whose voice we are asking to use. Your voice will be one of tens of thousands that goes into teaching a computer to understand what people are saying to it. Therefore, we need your permission to use your voice, and the contract and ID are both ABSOLUTELY required. If this is a deal-breaker, apologies for wasting your time but we want to be clear and transparent on what we are asking for here.

This is an artificial intelligence speech research project and ACCENTS/DIALECTS MATTER GREATLY. 'West Coast' dialect and accent is the whole reason for the project. This allows a computer to understand different pronunciations used with the American English language.

If you have questions, just ask. Again, we are all about making this as easy as possible and we know the profiles of people that will work really well.

You will be paired up to play eight rounds of a game (Charades) totaling 4 hours. Each round is a 30-minute online video session where you will be talking to another person to guess words and images. Each session will include 5 rounds of 5 minutes each. When guessing words, one person will be giving clues and the game will show them 6 words: the one to be guessed and 5 related words that you can't use in giving the clues. When guessing images, the person giving clues will see one image they will need to describe to the other person. The person guessing the image will see a selection of images only, one of which is the right one.

The session audio will be recorded.

Reliable Internet Connection: Since recordings will take place online we need to ensure a minimum connectivity throughout the sessions. Desktops or Laptops need to be used. Smartphone operating systems won't work. You need a private home or mobile tethered internet connection.

If what you read above sounds good and you agree to the terms here is what we need:
#1 Your Work/Personal Email address to start the on-boarding process.
#2 Need a scan or photo of BOTH sides of your driver's license/ID to confirm your identity for right of use and payment of your contract. Passport copy with the signature page (two-page copy).
#3 Simple Resume or Linked-in Profile. It can be very basic, even just an email

I am happy to communicate you by phone to confirm that this is a real offer and that Sigma.AI is a real company registered in Delaware and California.

After receiving the three items above, we will send you a contract in your name to review and sign. Signing the contract allows us to use your voice for the project per respective California and European Information Privacy laws.

The name of the company you will be working for is SIGMA.AI You can look our info at We are located in San Francisco and Madrid. If you require any more info as to who we are and what we do, just ask. Look me up on linked-in.

If you made it this far and read everything above, you will do well with this project. I hope you can join us!

Steven Piekarczyk
Sigma AI
Chief of Strategy

Again, this is what we need to start the onboarding process, assume you meet the criteria and commit to the requirements.

#1 Your Work/Personal Email address to start the on-boarding process.
#2 Need a scan or photo of BOTH sides of your driver's license/ID to confirm your identity for right of use and payment of your contract. Passport copy with the signature page (two-page copy).
#3 Simple Resume or Linked-in Profile. It can be very basic, even just an email.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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